A Century of Philadelphia Sports

"Rich Westcott has successfully caught all the magic and put it in the proverbial bottle. He has adeptly chronicled the highs and lows, the triumphs and the disasters, and has wonderfully evoked the spirit of sports in Philadelphia."

– Ed Rendell, former mayor of Philadelphia.

"It’s a tightly written book in which Westcott brings context to moments that have become part of the sports lore of the last century.  It shouldbe a handy reference for years to come."

– Terry Bitman, Philadelphia Inquirer.

"Rich Westcott has captured what athletics has meant to the Philadelphia area."

– Robin Roberts, Phillies Hall of Fame pitcher.

"I enjoyed the book tremendously. It’s obvious Rich Westcott is a writer who knows the Philadelphia sports scene."

– Paul Arizin, two-time NBA scoring champ and Hall of Famer.

"Westcott does a fantastic job of pointing out the less-humiliating aspects of our city’s sports history, and in the process gives even themost jaded fan something to cheer about."

– The City Paper.

"If you like Mummers, cheese steaks, soft pretzels, and cherry soda, you’ll enjoy Rich Westcott’s book. If you enjoyed Chuck Bednarik, Tom Gola, Richie Ashburn, Del Ennis, Wilt, and Dr. J, you’ll love this book as it captures the real flavor of the Philly sports scene."

– Marty Stern, former Villanova track and field coach.

"Rich Westcott certainly covers the rich tradition of all Philadelphia sports teams.  It will be tough to put this book down once you start reading it."

– Tom Gola, all-time Philadelphia basketball great.

"Rich Westcott has captured the essence of Philadelphia’s superb athletes and its sometimes not so great team."

– Cathy Rush, coach of Immaculata College’s three-time national women’s basketball champions.

"If you’re a fan, writer, broadcaster or historian, you need books like this one."

– Donald Hunt, Philadelphia Tribune.

Philadelphia’s Old Ballparks

"Westcott’s book does more than take us on a tour through words and pictures of the ballparks that were the homes of Philadelphia teams."

Ed Hilt, Atlantic City Press.

"Quaker City fans will revel in this look at Baker Bowl, Shibe Park and other Philadelphia fields of play."

–Baseball Weekly.

"This is a brilliant story written by a baseball writer in love with Philadelphia’s old ballparks and the players. The parks seem to talk to you as the book describes the history of baseball development in Philadelphia."

– Danny Litwhiler, former Phillies player.

"The appeal of the more idiosyncratic stadia is captured in Rich Westcott’s entertaining book, which fondly looks back at the places the Phillies and Athletics called home….Westcott peppers his narrative with great quotes from the Phils and A’s of yore,as well as from their fans."

– The City Paper.

"Rich’s exhaustive research is evident throughout. His interviews with fans and those who lived, worked, and played in the baseball stadiums make for a fascinating read spiced with humorous and incredible stories."

– Harry Kalas, Phillies Hall of Fame broadcaster.

"Browse through Westcott’s book and appreciate the delightful selection of pictures that portray the vitality and association lacking in modern sports facilities. Read the smoothly flowing text."
– Philadelphia

"I would think that every real Philadelphia baseball fan, as well as pros like me, would consider Philadelphia’s Old Ballparks a must read."

Ralph Bernstein, Associated Press.

"I enjoyed it thoroughly. It gets and A plus from me."

– Dick Allen, former Phillies star.

"This well-written, 256-page book is a tribute to both its author and the baseball fans of the Philadelphia area."

– Main Line Times

"The book is a reminder of what baseball parks once were."

– Philadelphia Inquirer.

Great Home Runs of the 20th Century

"This book is a home run on its own, and I’m proud to be a part of it."

Reggie Jackson, Hall of Fame outfielder.

"Rich Westcott has written a reference book with insight and flair. It’s an enjoyable and informative read."

– Jerry Crasnick, Bloomberg News and Baseball America.

"I think it’s a great book."

-Tom Lasorda, Hall of Fame manager.

"This is the first definitive reference book of all the great home runs in baseball history, and as such is a ‘must’ read for any student of the game."

– Bill Madden, New York Daily News.

Splendor on the Diamond

"Although there is no dearth of baseball books, Westcott’s with its sensitive interviews stands out."

– Publisher’s Weekly.

"A real treat for any baseball fan."

– Allen Lewis, Hall of Fame baseball writer.

No-Hitters – The 225 Games, 1893-1999

"The painstakingly researched book is full of suspenseful accounts and baseball oddities."

– Dan Hardy, Philadelphia Inquirer.

"Every dramatic game is recapped."

– Sports Collectors Digest

"A true informational treasure. Highly recommended."

– The Midwest Book Review.

"A comprehensive look back at each no-hitter."

– Baseball Weekly.

"The book superbly captures the emotion and drama of each game. The narratives genuinely evoke the suspense of successive batters facing weary pitchers. This volume is an excellent addition to any sports collection."

– Gale Group

"I’m glad Rich tackled the subject. He’s a scholar of the game. He does sound research, knows all the people to talk to, and most of all, his writing ranks right at the top because of his love of baseball."

– John McAdams, baseball announcer.

The Phillies Encyclopedia

"As the authors note, the keynote of the Phillies is the excitement and unpredictability of their play. These attributes will keep you reaching for this grand slam of a book again and again."

– Philadelphia Daily News.

"The Phillies Encyclopedia tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the oldest, continuous, one-name, one-city franchise in the major leagues…This is a book that is much more than another book of statistics. It is a book of stories, stories that make sports legends, stories that make up the history of the Philadelphia Phillies."

– Baseball Hobby News.

"The encyclopedia is a must have for serious Phillies fans…It’s a glorious look back at a proud American institution."

– Philadelphia Inquirer.

"This is a book that many Phillies fans will spend hours reading."

Philadelphia Tribune.

"Without a doubt, the most comprehensive and best-researched history of Phillies baseball ever written."

– Richie Ashburn.

"The book is highly recommended to all Phillies fans."

– The North Penn Reporter.

"It has more facts than you can shake a stick—or a bat—at…The Encyclopedia is a monster tome."

– The City Paper.

"Six pounds of information that Phillies fans can't do without."

– Sports Collectors Digest.

"Stylishly written, lavishly illustrated, and crammed with informative statistics as well as humorous anecdotes, this book is likely to be more fun for long-suffering Phillies fans than watching their team usually has been."

– American Reference Books Annual.

Phillies ’93, An Incredible Season

"If you want a comprehensive statistical and factual record of the Phils’ incredible season to save for the ages, this is it."

– Philadelphia Inquirer.

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