The website was originally conceived to be a way to show incoming 8th graders how great it is to join the band. Being a very proud band-parent it is a labor of love for me. We have tons of content in here and had a great amount of user-requirements and ideas. We also have an incredible wealth of resources in the photographic skills of some parents, who were happy to contribute.

The site was a new Global Spectrum arena that opened September 12, 2014. We built the site in several stages in order to get information out there as it became available. Gathering the info and requirements was a unique challenge in that all of the important stakeholders were constantly on the move.

This is a very interesting client. The client breed a very special type of goat and required a very special designer! This client is VERY good at her business but not so much with computers. I feel very fortunate she came to me not only because I am intrigued by this product but I know she could have gone to someone who would not have shown so much patience. After working at this for a few weeks she's doing great and has her first website up and running!

Spotsylvania, Virginia

Broomall's Lake had a terrible, unkept website for many years. When I was to attend a party there, I looked over the site and brought up my concerns to the President of the Country Club. To say that content-gathering was a challenge is a huge understatement. Aside from a major roadblock, there were many contributors that were forced to get documentation organized.

This was an advertisement I created for a display board in the Concourse. It detailed the iPhone application we created for patrons at the arena. The app helped you locate you seats, security, first aid, and the closest restrooms,and beer/ food stands along with their specific menus. For instance if you wanted a roast beef sandwich, it would show you the closest vendor who sold them.

Philadelphia, PA

This is a Joomla site for a new friend and awesome customer. I used a very complicated template for the first time and got some amazing results. I liked it so much that I used it for this site as well. The mobile site is very responsive too.

Narberth, PA

The Joomla site responds perfectly to a mobile OS. This project also had some great User Interface requirements as well. I enjoyed working with this client and the Marketing people they brought to the table.

Motivational Spreaker

This wireframe is a design for the Clovis and was one of my favorites. The design was a stepping-stone look to prepare for the Joomla build. It was an easy conversion from this look into the php site.

Clovis, New Mexico

This is a wireframe I did in Photoshop for an intranet site we were building at Spectacor. It housed "villages" for the many different departments and entities within our Family of Companies.

Comcast Spectacor

This is one of the very strong wireframes I've done. I was especially happy well the transition from grey to blue worked. It actually made it very difficult for the client to choose once all their requirements were met.

Philadelphia, PA

Spectacor Sites

Snider Hockey

PPL Center, Alentown, PA

Clovis Civic Center, Clovis, NM

Duke Energy Center, Cincinatti, OH

Colonial Life Arena, Columbia, SC

RMB Fairgrounds, Robstown, TX

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