The Elwyn Experience is long-standing tradition at Elwyn. This was my second production of this newsletter. This booklet was made with Photoshop & InDesign. See the whole newsletter by clicking on the image.

This is a new template i worked up for the Elwyn HR department. We will use this look in multiple colors for different job fairs, college bulletin boards and websites where we can post job openings.

Community Speaks was the newsletter i built for Community Professional Loudspeakers. I used QuarkXrpess and Photoshop and created the graphics on my own.

This is artwork for a Middle School Jazz Festival.

This is artwork for a High School Jazz Festival.

This is an older version of Speaks but aside from the changes in fonts, much was the same. Here I was experimenting with background images. This was the first Speedway installation we had so checkeere flags were very big for awhile!

We did "sell sheets" like this for each of the Community lines. We had some incredible professional photography done that really added to the whole look.

We produced several postcards, at Community as announcements to new products. This one is for an outdoor speaker that helped sell several hundred units to RFK Stadium in Washington DC

We produced a series of "Application Sheets" that described set-ups in very special locations. I was fortunate to be able to take many of the photographs for this application.

This is an example of one of the hundreds of specification sheets I had prepared for each item we manufactured and sold. I had gathered information for engineers and converted autocadd drawings into Illustrator and CorelDraw.

As I had mentioned before, I had made many application sheets for the arenas and raceways we had installations we had.

This was part of one of my favorite creations. It was a centerfold for a "swag" catalog we had developed at Community. I was able to photograph 8 of my good friends in administration, sales, & manufacturing to model the items!

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